"I can be someone’s and still be my own."

— Shel Silverstein (via onkh-m-maat)
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"In this country American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate."

— Toni Morrison (via oldblueeyes)

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Some stars shine brighter…

5 More Days!

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Wonder Woman Statue Sketch by Cliff Chiang

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Monster Anthology vol.1
The wip version of this post

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how can peach and mario just like casually play tennis with the giant dinosaur turtle monster who is always threatening both of their lives? they all just set aside their pasts to have a good old game of tennis? also did bowser raise bowser jr. himself? is bowser a good father?


When I’m dating a man I’m no longer bisexual

Just like when I’m at home, I’m no longer employed

Or when I’m not studying I’m no longer a student.

Mmm object impermanency 



When suddenly remembering something stupid that I did like ten years ago.

I have never seen an more accurate depiction

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well life just isnt fucking fair is it humpback whale 85

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A show of hands

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Weddingcon 2014
AKA: The Wedding of future-hero and sakuraharuko

Thanks to pancakeremix for the filming and editing!