excuse you

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uncle phil does not play

Word to Uncle Phil

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Trashy bathroom photos


UV Glow Galaxy Print Cap Sleeve Fit and Flare by CoquetryClothing

Somebody Loves You - Betty Who

somebody misses you when you’re away
they wanna wake up with you everyday
somebody wants to hear you say
oh, somebody loves you

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omg did u see that ghost

When I saw that and thought it can’t get better

it did

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"I want to get across that bisexuality isn’t just a transitional state from being straight to gay, or that, you know, you just help out when the homosexuals are all busy."

Alan Cumming on NPR

I just laughed so hard at this that I felt like I needed to record it somewhere. (via lizdexia)

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Fashion Wonderland: Dolce&Gabbana autumn/winter 2012-2013

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